How do you choose a travel destination? Some people are repeating visitors of the same countries. It is a great way to discover and learn about the country in depth and get to know the local people better. Some people never go back to the same country and enjoy exploring new areas and meeting new people.

Another interesting way is to follow your favorite themes such as food & wine, adventure explorations, wildlife exploration, specific historical era, artists footprint, architectural journey, ancestry discovery, fashion appreciation…etc. Does any of them spark your inspiration?

Here are a couple of alternative destinations if you’re interested in discovering something new and possibly to avoid crowd.

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia OR Albanian Coast, Albania instead of Amalfi Coast,Italy

Croatia has definitely been discovered as a vacation destination, thanks to film scenes such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars – Last Jedi, Mama Mia…etc., but it’s still a place to visit as opposed to investment real estate (yet). Their complex history is still visible and archeological structures have a lot of stories to tell you. Dalmatian islands hopping on a private yacht is a breath-taking opportunity for a couple, friends and family. Their environment naturally maintains the water to be perfectly clear.

Visit Estonia instead of Sweden or Denmark

Sweden and Denmark are beautiful countries. These Scandinavian countries are some of my favorite countries (and would consider living), and I’d highly recommend visiting them if you have not been there yet. If you’d like an alternative to them, Estonia is a destination yet to be discovered. It’s a perfect destination for nature walks and adventure journeys as more than 50% of the country is forest.

Also, Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, has the best-preserved medieval city in Northern Europe. Walk into the town and imagine the lively activities held at the village center.  Don’t forget to relax and rejuvenate in an Estonian sauna just as Estonians do after the hard working day.