About me

Knowing me is to understand that my heart lives in many places. I was born and raised in Japan, and as a child, spent every weekend at a Zen temple where my grandfather was a monk. After moving to the U.S. to further my studies, I made my home in Colorado, where I’ve lived most of my adult life. My childhood experience helped me develop a deep understanding and appreciation for cultural beauty. Since then, I have been fortunate to explore many parts of the globe, learn new cultures, and befriend fellow travelers. This has sparked my passion to help others plan meaningful vacations tailored to their personal interests and desires. I specialize in creating travel experiences focusing on wellness, mindfulness, and serenity. But not limited to it. My passion is to help you with your special trip and create magical moments; explore, relax and re-energize. I also offer group retreats focusing on yoga and meditation in various locations including U.S., Bali and Japan. The world is full of wondrous places waiting for your discovery. I’d love to hear about what inspires you, and what your dream trip looks like. My goal is to make your long-anticipated trip extraordinary and worth the wait.”

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

― Lao Tzu

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