What does Ippo mean?

Ippo means first step in Japanese. When you take your first step with Kay, she takes out all the tools available and starts curating the surprise gift for you. She transforms your inspiration to an unforgettable vacation so you can truly celebrate, rejuvenate and connect with your family and friends.

About Kay

Kay Fahlberg was born and raised in the Kansai region in Japan. She was always curious about the countries and people on the other side of the horizon over the ocean. Her weekly routine in high school was to go to an Int’l airport with a friend and interview travelers while they were waiting for their gate to open. The interview questions were simple:

“Where are you from?”
“What do you like about your country?”
“What’s your favorite movie?”

The answers she received fascinated her. Kay loved watching airplanes painted in their country colors or flags taking off. Her dream was to travel to the other side of the horizon one day.

The dream came true. The first international trip was to visit Tennessee and New York. After staying in the US for several months, Kay decided to travel North along the east coast, crossed Canada, and down the west coast of California before flying to Hawaii. This was the beginning of her travel bug.

After moving to the U.S. Kay worked in the tourism industry in New Orleans and worked at Hilton hotels as a bilingual front office clerk. While working full time, Kay pursued and received the BS Business-IT and started a career in a telecom/high tech industry. She later received MBA-Finance and worked in financial analytical positions. During her service at these companies, she continued to feed her travel bug and toured around the world.

Travel rejuvenated her. She celebrated milestone occasions and sometimes just a getaway. Her work background fit the role of travel advisor perfectly. While traveling is fun, a lot has to be coordinated just right to make the travel enjoyable.

Through her travel experiences, Kay connected with many kind people, tried local food, learned about local art and culture, and of course, enjoyed the beauty of each destination she visited. Kay believes traveling is a surprise gift with amazing things that we did not know we even needed.

What brought you to your passion and purpose?

Many of my friends are world travelers and, like me, love to travel and discover the world. But not everyone enjoys or is skilled at the preparation and itinerary building that makes a trip an unforgettable experience. I love researching the destinations and building the logistics. I envision what the trip could be like for a client, how I could use my experience and connections to make it even better, and then I begin putting it all together.

I also started to question the pollution travelers create. As I was growing up, I wanted to keep the streets and parks of Japan clean. As a kid, I would pick up the trash of others, and put it in my pocket until I could find a trash can.

When I realized there are widespread initiatives for sustainability travel, I wanted to help support the initiatives. It is inevitable that people will travel. My mission as a Travel Advisor is to promote regenerating and developing a sustainable travel environment so that many more generations can enjoy what we enjoy.

What separates you from your competition?

When working with a client, I spend a lot of time on the initial discovery process to find options that would make their trip the best experience possible. Then I begin planning the itinerary so that their vacation is a seamless, hassle-free, and memorable experience. Rather than only booking places I’m familiar with, I hand select hotels and/or local operators to work with that would align with the client’s desire and add even more value. I envision their trip and feel their emotions when they get there.

My goal is to make every client feel special and handle them as if they were my only customer.

Bring me your travel idea, and I’ll make it happen.

The world has a lot to offer... where do you want to go?








I am so grateful for the work you did to create such a singular, extraordinary experience for us (and manage all of our personalities). It wasn’t just a trip or vacation; it was the space that allowed for shared new experiences, challenges, and conversations while in the most stunning, other worldly setting. Thank you!

Roshan M.

Ippo Travel is a wonderful service and Kay is a delight to work with. She made our reservations with the Four Seasons super easy. She really gets to know her clients’ needs and wishes and then accommodates them. Our young girls love the tents provided by the Four Seasons and she was able to coordinate having them set up when we arrived. During this time of Covid, we had multiple changes that took place, and Kay was extremely understanding and helpful in coordinating all of the changes. The little touches as welcome notes and snacks show her willingness to go above and beyond for her clients. We hope to book again soon.

Trinh Pham

We can't imagine a better guide than Kay. The planning she did and her local knowledge made us fully confident sending our teenage sons and their grandmother off before us. And she planned such a great trip that we were eager to get there to join in on the fun. Kay planned and executed a trip of a lifetime for three generations. We cannot wait to travel with her again.

Erika Taylor

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