Bamboo Grove in Kyoto

How do we decide our next travel destinations? Our bucket list seems to grow every year! The world has so much to offer:  natural beauty, local culture, art, food, fashion…etc.

Depending on where you are in your life, there are different destinations that give you the feeling and experiences you are looking for.

Japan is one of the many destinations on people’s bucket list. Here are 10 reasons why you should travel to Japan next.

  1.  Beautifully preserved natural beauty

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and represents the astonishing beauty of the country. Japan has more than 30 national parks and they are as beautiful as the Fuji-Hakone-Izu NP.

Every 4 major islands of Japan has its own unique beauty and different features to enjoy.

  1. Deep history and stories told behind the scene

Japanese history and culture are rooted in Shinto and Zen spirit of Buddhism. They are a part of a lifestyle rather than religious practice.

Throughout challenges including natural disasters, domestic battles, political climate changes, and world war, the country maintained its rooted spirit. Each event has stories to share.

  1. “Ichigo Ichie” spirit of people

Meeting people is an important part of traveling the world. “Ichigo Ichie” means to think of all the people you meet in your lifetime as if this is the only chance you can spend time together with this person (make it count and meaningful). This Japanese proverb translates as “one opportunity, one encounter”.

  1. Visually appetizing and delightfully flavorful cuisine

Kaiseki cuisine and sushi plates are particularly beautiful to see and of course, the flavor is amazing. You should try at least one Micheline class restaurant during your visit. There are many other world-class ethnic delights as well.

Don’t forget to check out street vendors for your local food experience!

  1. Impeccably designed Architecture

    Himeji, Japan dawn at Himeji Castle.

Both historical buildings and contemporary buildings are designed with purposeful representations that synchronize with the local settings and spirits most of the time. If you are interested in architecture or woodworking, I highly recommend meeting with the experts in the field!

  1. Healing hot springs with mineral

Onsen (Hot spring) is not just hot water in a beautiful bathtub or springs. It contains healing minerals. Different region has different mineral contents. It’s not like taking medicine to see the instant fix, but repeated visits to the springs suppose to help you feel better.

Many ryokan inns (Japanese style inn) are built around the local hot springs. Often times they are located in remote areas where the minerals are and in beautiful natural settings.

  1. Outdoor activities for every generation

From strenuous activities to easy outings are available.

Here are some examples: powder & alpine skiing and snowboarding, rock climbing, Mt. Fuji hiking, pilgrimage walking, scuba diving, golfing, fishing, bicycling, picnic in a Japanese garden, theme parks, fitness retreats

  1. Harmony between traditional and contemporary cultures in cosmopolitan cities

    Rainbow bridge, Tokyo Tower

When strolling around one of the busiest cities in the world like Tokyo, you’ll notice temples and shrines standing in the middle of the skyscrapers. People stop by and pray on the way to work or during the weekend. They are both important parts of their lifestyle.


  1. Luxury shopping and world-class customer service experiences

If shopping is in your DNA, High-end department stores are a must-to-visit. They are beautifully decorated and presented. It’s a luxury fashion theme park. Try walking into one when they open to door.

  1. Japanese pop culture and anime lifestyle

Just like the Shito and Zen practices are their lifestyle, pop cultures are also a part of their life.